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Father's Day Weekend 2017

God is so good.  I worried about this weekend.  Just in the car, on our way thru Atlanta traffic, Friday night, I worried how late we might be getting to the lake.  I worried if there would be enough daylight to get some pics.  I worried if we would find an interesting spot.  And, then I worried if it work out how we could get the pics Saturday morning.  It can be, and sometimes is, hot at the lake.  Especially if you are hanging out on the dock.  As it turned out, we made the trip in record time with light traffic.  We got to the lake and decided to eat at one of our favorite spots, Fish Tales.  It's situated on the lake at a marina and it's a busy place.  There is a little ship's store and a boat ramp.  Lots of photo opportunities.  It was perfect.  Then, when we decided we had enough pics and were ready for dinner, God totally surprised me.  I heard a flapping noise and a guy showed up in a helicopter. I know, really?  God provided so much inspiration!  More than I could have even thought to ask for.  A helicopter!?!  When am I going to learn to trust Him?  When?  Hope y'all had a great Father's DayWeekend!

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