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Introducing God 101

Last night, Mr. G and I went downtown for dinner.  We live in a cute little town in the deep south.  Deep south meaning sweet tea, a courthouse on the square, businesses closing at five, railroad tracks and train whistles, and forever meeting people who know your people.  It was a perfect summer night.  It was warm but not hot.  We ate outside, my favorite thing to do, sharing a table with new friends and I was reminded how good and faithful our God is.  He is kind.  He is patient.  I will confess, in the past, I would never approach the subject of God and church with someone outside of Sunday go to church service or bible study.  Especially with someone I just met.  I was afraid I would offend them or cause them to run away from God.  I was cautious.  But, things have changed.  Some time ago, I started praying about it and somehow the guilt I felt about sharing God transformed into an understanding of it all being His show not mine.  The Holy Spirit worked in me.  True, I have become engrossed with Freedom Cotton and evangelism.  It's on my radar 24/7.  The t-shirts with simple words or phrases are designed to encourage people to think about God, start conversations about God and most importantly to follow God.  And, they work.  With that said, though, God has to work in our hearts and others and prepare the favorable situations for us to be effective. And at some point, during dinner and the story telling, I simply asked "Where do y'all go to church?"  And, the door cracked open just a little and I could see God working.  xoxo

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  • You exhibit the warmth of Jesus welcome!
    Good job faithful servant!

    Katie Purcell

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