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Let Them Fall In Love

Mr. G and I celebrated our anniversary last night by going to CeCe Winan's, Let Them Fall In Love, concert at Center Stage Theatre in Atlanta.  The concert was based on Cece's new album, Let Them Fall In Love, a collaboration with her son Alvin Love III and included so many great songs from the album.  Cece is an outstanding vocalist and I was so impressed with her gift to engage the audience throughout the night.  She not only welcomed but she encouraged us to sing along with her.  Then, she talked about faith walks and struggles, and encouraged us.  At one point, she even asked the audience to close their eyes as she prayed the sinner's prayer and invited us to do the same.  I thank God for the seeds sown, fertilized and harvested with God working thru her last night and the Holy Spirit working in the big theatre.  What an amazing woman of God.  She closed the performance welcoming a local choir to join her on stage for her last two songs.  It was a great night of worship and I'm so excited we were there.  I am praying for Cece and her ministry and for all the souls she touches.  May they fall in love with God, and fall in love with faith, and love and peace.  And, may God bless Cece Winans. xoxo

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