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The Little Yellow Sailboat


We spend quite a bit of time at the lake on our sailboat. We’ve had it about a year and we’ve sailed a lot but we’ve also spent some time tied up to the dock in the marina. There’s always plenty to do; cleaning, washing, and repairs. Of course, it’s not all work. Wink One of our favorite things to do, when the weather is nice, is sit in the cockpit late in the afternoon. Generally the temperature has dropped a little and we can enjoy the view and cook out. We laugh. We talk. And, we watch the other sailboats come in to the harbor from a nice day on the lake sailing. It was probably one of those times, in fact, we first noticed the little yellow sailboat docked just across the marina from us.


The little sailboat sits tied up at the dock most of the time. We’ve only seen it go out twice. The first time, there was quite a bit of commotion. We heard the sad sputtering of the little engine and stopped what we were doing to watch. Grey smoke filled the air. Then, a guy started baling water out of the back of the boat with a bucket while a girl sat in the cockpit. He wasn’t working very fast so we didn’t worry about them. We just kept a watchful eye on the situation.   While the guy was busy the sky grew dark and big clouds moved in. An afternoon storm was coming our way. We didn’t think the little boat was going anywhere but before long it left the dock. The next time, there were two guys and a girl. They climbed into the little boat and the girl plopped down in a corner. She held a big red sunhat on her head with both hands and watched as the guys climbed around in the cockpit. Again, the sky darkened and it looked like rain was coming. We started securing our boat for the storm and watched the little boat leave the dock. Before long, they were out of sight.


I love the little bright yellow boat. It sticks out amongst the other sailboats. It’s not nearly as big as it’s dock mates. It isn’t new, shiny or especially pretty. It’s little engine had some trouble starting which makes me think it had been sitting for a little while. Still, it left the dock and went sailing.  


It’s easy to be like the little sailboat. Sitting at the dock tied up safe and secure. I could just sit in the row at church listening to the message week after week with my Jesus follower friends. I need to leave the dock though. I want to leave the dock. I am going to share Jesus and His love with others. I will put on the armor of God and trust Him. Jesus doesn’t eliminate the storms but He is with us and sees us through them.

xoxo Pam

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.“ Philippians 4:13

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  • I love your heart friend! Great reminder to just get out there ?


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