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God's Timing is Perfect

So we just came off a busy weekend. Four days really. Four very long days. I will recap to fill you in. Hubby went to Houston last Monday for work. Wednesday afternoon, he messaged me saying he sent me an e-mail and I needed to read it. I checked my inbox thinking I was looking for an e-mail about a t-shirt. I finally figured out, he sent a copy of a work e-mail to me. I read it. It was a long narrative with creative wording but I was able to decipher the meaning. In short, his company had made plans to end operations in Atlanta in 2018.


I wish I could say my first reaction was praying. It was even harder when he got home late Wednesday night. One of my Aunts has a favorite saying about crying. She says when we cry God is washing our faces. My face must have been very dirty. After the tears, we spent time talking about the situation, and options, and what ifs. We prayed. We just downsized a year ago and bought the sailboat. Why not last year? It would’ve been so much easier.   Now, it’s complicated. Both the house and the sailboat are DIY projects. We renovated the kitchen last winter and we’ve spent the spring and summer installing an air-conditioner on the boat. I know. A lot of hard work. Squirrel. We used to live across the street from a guy in Texas and every time we saw him, his response was “A lot of hard work.” We would say “Good morning!”, and he responded “A lot of hard work.” I would walk out to check the mail, in the afternoon, and he would be working in the yard, so I just waved. And, he would yell back “A lot of hard work!” I get it now. A lot of hard work!


Back to reality. God’s timing is perfect. As it turns out, two weeks ago when we were up at the boat, hubby finished the basic installation of the air conditioning unit itself and was working on the electrical. Totally boring to me but a necessity it seems for cold air. Anyway, the last detail was connecting a breaker, again boring, and as he was working on it, it broke. Another two week delay. Even though he ordered one quickly online, with his j-o-b, we are only able to make it to the lake every other weekend. So, this past weekend was lake weekend and hubby attached the new breaker box. Actually, he did it Thursday since he was able to come home early. Done. Finally. There are no coincidences with God.


We prayed again.  Then, we spent Friday and Saturday emptying the boat of our personal belongings, and listed it for sale yesterday. We just felt like it was obvious.  What God wanted us to do at this point.  The boat is in Atlanta and the job isn’t going to be in Atlanta anymore. And, moving the boat would cost a lot of money. It’s a material thing and we don’t want to be weighed down with things of this world. And, if we have worldly things we can’t easily hang onto, they have to go. We store our real treasures in Heaven. We don’t know where we’re going and we don’t know when we’re going. But, we do know God is in control. No way we could’ve listed the boat yesterday if the air conditioner wasn’t finished. Isn’t that amazing? What God did. His timing is perfect.               

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