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About Us

Freedom Cotton.  This is our calling.  We live in a small historic town, just outside Atlanta.  We have three awesome kids, who are grown with families of their own now, and we have a cute, little Yorkie mix dog that we rescued.  About a year ago, we made some big changes.  We downsized into a tiny house built in 1948 and bought a sailboat.  We are slowly renovating the house, and when we need a break we head to the lake.  We usually spend a few days there working, playing and sailing, and when we run out of clean clothes, it's time to go home!  Honestly, there are plenty of DIY projects going on at both places right now.
We are busy people, but most importantly we are Jesus Followers.  We attend a North Point Ministry campus church, Southside Newnan, and enjoy volunteering on the Guest Services team.  As volunteers, we dress casually most Sundays, in a Guest Services t-shirt and jeans.  This past January on SuperBowl Sunday though, we dressed in Atlanta Falcon spirit wear to support the Falcons.  After morning services, we went to lunch at a nearby restaurant, and while standing in line to place our order, the woman in front of me turned around and looked at me.  She smiled and looked longer.  The t-shirt.  The black stickers under my eyes.  I know she was surprised.  It was a little over the top.  It was a great opportunity.  I explained to her we were volunteers at church and our church was non-traditional in a lot of ways. Then, I invited her to visit.
All this caused me to think about conversations about God.  Sometimes I just need a little something to start a conversation.  And, that's when I felt led to create faith based t-shirts. Freedom Cotton is designed to encourage everyone, build faith, and help us share God with others.  Providing an opportunity to be a witness for God and His word, with everyday wear, is our vision.  This is Freedom Cotton.
Therefore my friends I want you to know that through Jesus the forgiveness of sins is proclaimed to you.  Through him everyone who believes is set free.  Acts 13: 38-39